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You won’t believe what’s ahead for the masonry industry, but it’s all exciting and all accessible

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

There is so much ahead for the masonry industry, amazing new technologies, materials, processes and ideas. One author and industry expert takes us on a tour of the near and exciting future of masonry. It’s no secret that the construction industry is seen as way behind on incorporating technology and new ideas in its services. Technology is here to stay for the foreseeable future and there are so many ways to take advantage. No matter the size of your company, now is the time to get on board or get left behind.

Whether by small steps or big leaps there are advances that any company can make, if there is vision, will and commitment.

Masonry arches and flying buttresses made with interlocking block by Spherical Block LLC.

If you’re not familiar with the term Building Information Modeling, (BIM) know now that it has implications across the industry, from construction, to design, to architecture to project management.

What seemed like science fiction before is now science reality. We’re talking robots that build walls, and cement blocks that are translucent. Sustainability and environmental footprint are critical issues today and can’t be ignored. This author introduces us to some of the innovations that will help make sustainability a part of how our industry does business.

Nothing can take away from the value and grand history of brick and block, but some of the new materials available and under development today provide a new realm of durable choices and broadened applications. Consider this description by the author, “ProtectiFlex provides a proprietary technology combining recycled non-biodegradable material, composite fibers, and/or rebar in a cement matrix. This material offers protection against blast, ballistic, forced entry, impact, fire, and seismic loads, and can be used to mitigate risk against accidents, natural disasters, and direct attacks.”

Even beyond robotics, new materials, and new processes, brilliant thinkers are formulating a whole new perspective on masonry and its future. It’s very exciting and inspirational for any company in it for the long haul. Learn more here.

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